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Old Age Doesn’t Mean You Have to Suffer from Knee Pain.

AposTherapy is a 12-month long treatment programme that reduces your pain and strengthens the weak muscles in your knee joints. Instead of going to a clinic once a week, you go through therapy every day at home for just 30 mins.

No surgery, no drugs – this is the long-term solution to knee degeneration.

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Mdm Zheng has been experiencing knee pain for many years now, she always felt like there was no strength in her legs and she could only manage walking for 30 minutes before severe pain started setting in both her knees. She visited a GP for her knee pain and got referred to a specialist, who diagnosed her with Knee Osteoarthritis and recommended a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Surgery. As Mdm Zheng did not want to undergo a surgery, she did what most people would do – bear with the pain.

Her knee pain limited her mobility as she was not able to walk as fast or as far as before, neither could she squat. 2 months ago, Mdm Zheng came to know of AposTherapy as a alternative treatment method for knee pain and booked an appointment with Samuel, our Senior Physiotherapist. Now, after 4 sessions of AposTherapy, Mdm Zheng can walk faster and for more than 1 hour without any pain.

Interview conducted with Mdm Zheng on 07-10-2017

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lim hf

Mdm Lim HF, October 2017

The first time I experienced knee discomfort in my right knee was in November 2015 – pain during any form of movement. I went to consult an Orthopaedic Surgeon and he did an X-ray and gave me a steroi

d jab. The effect of the jab lasted about 4 months and the pain returned during a holiday in March 2016. I could not bend my knee whenever I was climbing up or going down stairs and there was pain whenever I moved. I ended up limping around for the rest of my holiday.

Upon my return, I visited Dr Khong again and a MRI was done to establish the problem. All my cartilage was worn out and Dr Khong suggested surgery to clean up the knee. I consulted several other orthopaedic doctors and all suggested knee replacement without attempting any another options.

I went back to Dr Khong and he suggested knee replacement as well but gave me an alternative treatment suggestion. 1)Arthroscopy to clean up knee 2) puncturing my bones to get some stem cells to try to re-grow my cartilage (long term invasive treatment and not 100% effective), 3) physiotherapy for about 2-3 months to stabilise my walking and 4) AposTherapy.

I agonised over Apos as the cost was high and I have never heard of the form of treatment before and there was always the chance that it may not work but finally decided to go ahead to avoid a major operation.

During my knee discomfort, I had to reduce my activities by about 70-80%. I lost my independence as I could not really drive and had to be accompanied whenever I went out. After the operation, it was worse, even though the pain was gone, my thigh muscles felt weak and I did not have a lot of confidence for moving around and had to rely on family and friends for outings.

When I started on Apos, I was determined to work with my therapists to get back my life. I was very driven with only one goal in mind – to get back my independence. I am now 100% independent again, driving, going out on my own and have gone for several holidays and even one on my own this year!

I have and would continue to recommend Apos to friends despite the cost, but looking at my situation now, I think it is money well spent.

Thank you!

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