Mdm Zheng

Mdm Zheng has been experiencing knee pain for many years now, she always felt like there was no strength in her legs and she could only manage walking for 30 minutes before severe pain started setting in both her knees. She visited a GP for her knee pain and got referred to a specialist, who diagnosed her with Knee Osteoarthritis and recommended a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Surgery. As Mdm Zheng did not want to undergo a surgery, she did what most people would do – bear with the pain.

Her knee pain limited her mobility as she was not able to walk as fast or as far as before, neither could she squat. 2 months ago, Mdm Zheng came to know of AposTherapy as a alternative treatment method for knee pain and booked an appointment with Samuel, our Senior Physiotherapist. Now, after 4 sessions of AposTherapy, Mdm Zheng can walk faster and for more than 1 hour without any pain.

Interview conducted with Mdm Zheng on 07-10-2017

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