Knee Degeneration Treatment without Drugs or Surgery

AposTherapy is a unique and recommended physiotherapy approach for knee pains. You will feel the improvement almost immediately. With only 30 mins a day without medicine or surgery, it reduces your pain so you can sit, stand and walk pain-free.

Our patients share how AposTherapy has helped them climb stairs and walk for longer distances, so you too don’t have to rely on a wheelchair or a walking stick.

Through the programme, patients are able to go for their holiday trips with ease, take care of their active grandchildren and enjoy a fuller, happier life.

/Physiotherapy session (if you decide not to take up Apostherapy)
$360/Apostherapy session – Includes the lease of the device for you to bring home and wear on a daily basis

Lee Hock Kee, 66, Singapore

I had to put up with a lot of pain in the past, I’ve had this condition since I was 61. I went to maybe, 10 doctors! I’ve tried Glucosamine for 5 years and it didn’t help me at all. The doctors gave me lots of medication which never worked and encouraged me to try injections too. I didn’t want to go for that option so I came to try AposTherapy. Previously, my knee pain was due to my hips not moving enough. Everything is better now! I can go down stairs better, I only get the slightest pain nowadays and I can also squat, although not all the way. Now, I even bring my AposTherapy shoes on holiday.

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Mdm Chua (pictured with physiotherapist, Sue Mei) started with regular physiotherapy for the degeneration in her knees before continuing with AposTherapy. Mdm Chua’s main issue came from standing up after being in a seat for a long time. It took her more than a few minutes to allow the pain behind her knees to go away before she could start walking. With AposTherapy, she agrees that she is also able to walk longer distances before the pain comes on. She aims to be able to continue with her daily morning walks downstairs. Mdm Chua’s daughter shares how she recently noticed how her mum is able to get up from the chair and walk off quicker without having to stand in the position for long.

Chua Pong Tee, Singapore

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I’ve had chronic knee pain for several years now and my job as a lecturer aggravates the degeneration of my knees, since I’m usually on my feet the whole day. I’ve gone for physiotherapy and while I know exercises helps to strengthen my legs, I don’t know if the exercises I’m doing at home are correct. When I use AposTherapy, I let the shoes decide the exercise for me, all I have to do is walk! This was the best option for me as I knew I didn’t want to have to go through surgery when the time comes.

Nelly Chendrawan, 63, Singapore

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How does AposTherapy Work?

AposTherapy works on 2 basic principles.

  1. It re-aligns your body to its proper bio mechanical alignment and distributes your weight evenly to reduce pain.
  2. It also retrains the muscles around your knee that support the joint for better stability and long-term function.
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