Relieve Knee Pain with AposTherapy

AposTherapy® is an innovative treatment program for treating knee pain, especially pain caused by knee osteoarthritis. Your personalised treatment is managed by a specially-trained physiotherapist who assesses your condition and tailors your program to you for best results. They assess your walking gait and calibrate the AposTherapy® footworn device to help you improve your walking patterns and relieve your pain. Over time, AposTherapy® re-educates your muscles so that you maintain the improved walking patterns even while not wearing the device.

How does it work?

AposTherapy® realigns and corrects the movements causing pain in your knee by:

  1. Reducing load on the painful areas and relieving pain.
  2. Retraining the muscles and ultimately correcting the abnormal walking patterns – even when not actively using the treatment.

Will AposTherapy® work for me?

Unique benefits of AposTherapy®

  • Clinically proven
  • Non-invasive and drug-free
  • Reduces pain, improves function and quality of life
  • Convenient and fits easily into your daily routine
  • Personalized to your body frame and movement patterns
  • Ongoing care for optimal results

Over 50 Published Studies Support AposTherapy®

AposTherapy® has over 50 published studies supporting its treatment principles and beneficial clinical effects. (See here)

      • Proven pain relief
        • AposTherapy® patients reduced their pain-killer consumption by 58% 
        • 80% of the patients report they use fewer prescribed pain-killers
        • 82% of the patients report they use fewer OTC pain-killers
      • A potential alternative to surgery
        • A long-term, two-year follow-up study of patients with knee osteoarthritis reported that only 2.6% of patients treated with AposTherapy® required a total knee replacement compared to 31% of patients in the control group
      • High patient satisfaction
        • 98% of patients would recommend AposTherapy® to friends and family 
        • 87% of candidates for surgery said they expected to delay or avoid surgery based on the initial results of AposTherapy® 
      • AposTherapy® has treated over 70,000 patients worldwide

What to expect during the session?

  1. Getting to know you – Your AposTherapist will assess your condition and perform an in-depth assessment of your movement patterns. Through the assessment, we will be able to determine the root causes of your pain and the best treatment method. This assessment will include a computerised gait (walking) analysis and a thorough assessment. 
  2. An AposTherapy® device of your own – Once your condition has been diagnosed, your therapist will put together an AposTherapy® footworn device calibrated to your specific needs using Apos’s specialized line of Pod sole attachments.
  3. Live normally and get better – You will be able to bring the AposTherapy device home to wear on a daily basis for the prescribed duration while going about your regular schedule. Treatment with AposTherapy® blends seamlessly into your daily life. The shoes will correct your movement patterns, relieving stress on the affected areas and teaching your body to adopt better movement patterns.
  4. You’re never alone – To ensure optimal results, a trained AposTherapy® clinician will monitor your progress regularly. This includes follow-up consultations where the clinician can recalibrate your device to meet the needs of your improved walking patterns.

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How much will AposTherapy® cost?

Initial ConsultationAssessment of condition and diagnosis of problem, walking gait analysis and calibration of AposTherapy device to try.

AposTherapy treatment plan not taken up.

Single AposTherapy SessionAssessment of condition and diagnosis of problem, walking gait analysis and calibration of AposTherapy device. Includes leasing of the device for client to bring home and wear in between appointments. Client will have to return AposTherapy device at the end of the treatment plan.$400
AposTherapy Sessions x 55 sessions of AposTherapy – On average, clients require 5 sessions to see significant lasting pain relief. This includes 5 consultations with our therapists where your progress will be monitored and the device will be recalibrated during each session to adjust to your progress. Client will have to return AposTherapy device at the end of the treatment plan.$1800

What should I prepare?

Whatever information, and/or documentation (x-rays etc.), you can bring to your initial evaluation will be helpful for the AposTherapy® clinician to assess you. However, even if you are unsure of what is causing your pain or have not received prior medical advice—not to worry—we will still be able to assess you and design a fitting treatment program based on our specialized, hi-tech assessment process.

The problem of delaying treatment

Knee osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the knee cartilage – which is irreversible. What you can do to manage the condition is to prevent further degeneration and to reduce the pain. If left unmanaged, it will get progressively worse.

Knee pain can also take a toll on your social life. When you’re suffering from knee pain, maintaining the same level of social and physical activity can be a challenge. Your activities become more restricted, you will also find yourself being unable to keep up with peers or previous activity levels. This may cause weight gain can set in which can make your knee pain worse.

Seek treatment today

Prevent further damage to your knee. AposTherapy® can help you get back to living life to the fullest. For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, simply get in touch with us via one of the methods below.

Yeo Pei Li, a PE teacher, had a knee injury for the past 10 years and gave up a lot of sports as it got so bad that she couldn’t walk or bend her knees. “After seeing an AposTherapy ad, I came in for a consultation and felt very comfortable. 2 weeks later, I was able to do an 8-min run which was impossible in the past 10 years without pain. I will strongly encourage anybody to just try it – I have a new knee, and a new me.”

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Justin Teh, a netball coach, suffered from back pain since 5 years ago. He tried physiotherapy, podiatry and expensive knee braces but it never helped. After several weeks of AposTherapy, he was well enough to be able to do squats and lunges. “My knees used to buckle just from bending, but now I’m running 3km and even jumping!”

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How does AposTherapy Work?

AposTherapy works on 2 basic principles.

  1. It re-aligns your body to its proper bio mechanical alignment and distributes your weight evenly to reduce pain.
  2. It also retrains the muscles around your knee that support the joint for better stability and long-term function.
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