Knee Osteoarthritis Articles

Obesity & Osteoarthritis
15 Jun 2016
Overweight women are 4 times more likely to get knee osteoarthritis, while for obese men the risk is 5 times greater. Find out how obesity affects OA.
Why Do Knees Hurt Going Down Stairs?
11 May 2016
Many people experience pain when going down stairs, but not going up stairs. What is it in our step that causes this intense discomfort?
Travel with Osteoarthritis
09 Dec 2015
With careful planning and preparation, you can experience pain relief and many of your concerns can be alleviated.
Osteoarthritis Risk Factors
09 Dec 2015
There’s not much we can do about certain factors like age, gender or genetics but there are some factors that we can control, as well as recognise the impact of others, reducing, or slowing the rate of the degenerative process.
How to stay active with Knee Osteoarthritis
09 Dec 2015
Various elements can predispose a person to developing osteoarthritis and increase the rate of degeneration after the initial onset but in almost all cases staying active is critically important and can even slow the rate of degeneration.
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