Knee Osteoarthritis Articles

Common causes of Osteoarthritis or Degeneration
Common Causes of Osteoarthritis
05 Jul 2016
Our physiotherapist Ken Liew shares the 6 most common reasons why your knees are facing Osteoarthritis (Degeneration).
What is Osteoarthritis or Degeneration?
What is Osteoarthritis (Degeneration)?
29 Jun 2016
Our physiotherapist Ken Liew shares what is osteoarthritis also known as degeneration, the most common form of joint pain.
Unlocking Solutions to Chronic Knee Pain
18 Jul 2016
While the pain often can go away with rest and over-the-counter pain medications, if it becomes too severe, you may need to take further action.
Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Knee Problems in Old Age
14 Jul 2016
Just because you're in your 20s or 30s, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be taking care of your knees. Here are some tips to take note of!
Questions for Your Knee Pain
23 Jun 2016
To find the right relief, we need to identify the correct cause - here are questions we ask about your knee pain when you come in for your first session.
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