Stop Knee Pain Today with No Drugs, No Surgery

AposTherapy is a unique and recommended physiotherapy approach for knee pains. You will feel the improvement almost immediately. With only 30 mins a day without medicine or surgery, it reduces your pain so you can sit, stand and walk pain-free.

Our patients share how AposTherapy has helped them climb stairs and walk for longer distances, so you too don’t have to rely on a wheelchair or a walking stick.

Yeo Pei Li, a PE teacher, had a knee injury for the past 10 years and gave up a lot of sports as it got so bad that she couldn’t walk or bend her knees. “After seeing an AposTherapy ad, I came in for a consultation and felt very comfortable. 2 weeks later, I was able to do an 8-min run which was impossible in the past 10 years without pain. I will strongly encourage anybody to just try it – I have a new knee, and a new me.”

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