Stop Knee Pain Today with No Drugs, No Surgery

AposTherapy is a unique and recommended physiotherapy approach for knee pains. You will feel the improvement almost immediately. With only 30 mins a day without medicine or surgery, it reduces your pain so you can sit, stand and walk pain-free.

Our patients share how AposTherapy has helped them climb stairs and walk for longer distances, so you too don’t have to rely on a wheelchair or a walking stick.

Madam Chiam’s Daughter, Singapore

Hi Ken, this is my mum (mdm chiam who seen you ystdy at camden). She has not worn these finisher tees for a while, but had this on while we took a 5km long walk this morning despite the drizzle. Just did the cold pack on her knees too. Very grateful and thankful for your help, for putting back the smile on her face with the hope for her to return to running once again in time to come 🙂 Thank you for making Apostherapy available in sg, for your great personalised treatment, for gifting her the pack and stuff for her legs! Hope u’ll continue to help more people like my mum, be themselves again, just like the apos tagline!

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Soh, Singapore

‘I used to have discomfort in my knees after a short period of walking along with knee pain almost on a daily basis. With the help of Ken,I have been able to walk much faster, longer and pain free. I have been on the program for 3 months now and have been able to make food trips in malaysia without any discomfort and getting back to my goal of walking MacRitchie Reservoir.’ – Mr. Soh , 66, Retired

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Jenny Wee, Singapore

I used to have so much pain below my knees and at my ankle. I often get very bad allergic reactions to painkillers and supplements as I have a weak stomach so all I could do when I had pain was take Panadol. AposTherapy has definitely helped me with climbing stairs, I used to not be able to take the stairs and overhead bridges were a problem. After being on the programme for close to 6 months, I am now able to climb the stairs without having to rest my weight on a walking stick or the handrails.

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