How It Works

Chronic knee conditions often involve cartilage wear, which causes pain. But why do our knees wear out?

When we walk, the same force we exert on the ground propels back into our feet. In most people, this line of force travels along the inner side of the knee joint and creates additional pressure on the injured area, causing pain.

Our brain reacts to the pain, forcing the muscles to contract around the affected area – creating even more pressure and pain. These two factors generate a snowball effect. The more we use this walking pattern, the more pain we feel.

AposTherapy works on 2 basic principles.

  1. It re-aligns your body to its proper bio mechanical alignment and distributes your weight evenly to reduce pain.
  2. It also retrains the muscles around your knee that support the joint for better stability and long-term function.

1 - Bio1

Your AposTherapy shoes will be calibrated specially for you by your AposTherapist.

During your initial consultation, AposTherapists don’t just find “shoes” that fit. They use a computerized gait analysis software to measure your gait, meticulously analyze your walking pattern, and work collaboratively with you to understand the true reason for your pain. Your therapist will then calibrate the pertupods on the bottom of your shoes so that they are fitted specifically for your condition and needs.

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You’ll wear your AposTherapy shoes for about an hour everyday.

AposTherapy works with every step you take doing normal daily activities like cooking or walking around the office. The pair of calibrated shoes retrain muscles around the knee by adjusting the center of pressure – changing the way your foot interacts with the ground. By changing your walking pattern, the device shifts the uneven forces acting on the damaged knee.

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Over time, this helps to restore better alignment and develop improved gait (walking) patterns. This, in turn, can help you live better with osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions of the knee.

AposTherapy isn’t a shoe you can buy off the shelf – it’s part of a plan administered by an AposTherapy Certified Physiotherapist.


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