AposTherapy for Knee Pain

Is your loved one frequently experiencing
pain and discomfort in the knees?


Knee pain is often linked to degeneration of the cartilage (osteoarthritis). Wear and tear is a progressive condition, and will only get worse over time.
Common symptoms include

  • pain on the inside of the knee
  • ache/discomfort after walking or standing for too long
  • inability to instantly stand up from the seat
  • pain when going up/down stairs

Symptoms of osteoarthritis vary, depending on which joints are affected and how severely they are affected. These signs tend to build and worsen over time rather than show up suddenly.

The way you walk determines the development of knee pain and osteoarthritis.

How does AposTherapy help Knee Pain?



Just like physiotherapy, there are two aims.

  1. It reduces your pain.
  2. It strengthens your joint’s surrounding muscles to better support your knee.


Instead of going to a clinic once or twice a week, you go through therapy every day at home.

All you need is 30 mins a day.

Read about our current patients who have
benefited from AposTherapy.


I used to have pain in my knees and calves, and felt like I was unstable on my feet. It’s very hard to describe the pain I used to feel, I struggled when I had to walk far and it irritated me that I couldn’t walk as fast as before!

I came to AposTherapy when my knees were really hurting, and the doctors recommended surgery to fix the degeneration.

I still went for surgery when the pain got too unbearable but now, I can walk better and while I still can’t walk as fast as before, the pain is hardly there anymore.

Caroline Lau, 75

Caroline Lau


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